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Whodunnit? Why the Biden Administration probably sabotaged the Nord Stream systemListen now (22 min) | The Dossier Podcast is back, and today we are discussing the sabotage of the Russia to Germany Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, and…
Americans have every right to challenge and reject the Biden Admin's war propagandaListen now | In fact, it's patriotic to question your government's intentions
Biden regime doubles down on controlled demolition of American energyListen now | Despite OPEC’s discussion to roll back production, the ideologues in the White House remain firmly attached to the eco statist technocratic…
Just say no to World War III over DonetskNATO ascension for Ukraine would immediately trigger global warfare.
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National Divorce: Texas, Florida, and the future of American freedom (w/ David Reaboi)Listen now (56 min) | Today on The Dossier Podcast, we had David Reaboi on the show to talk about his seminal piece, “National Divorce is Expensive, But…
Leading the resistance to COVID Mania in New York City (w/ Gavin Wax) Listen now | Hope for the future?
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