Welcome to dystopia: Get your COVID-19 ‘Health Pass’ today! 

Vaccination status and blood test required.

The future of the surveillance state is here, and international organizations and private industry is moving forward in the race to profit off of our new dystopian reality.

Two major outfits have emerged in the race to implement COVID-19 “health passes” on local, national, and international levels, sporting heavy public relations campaigns in selling “safe and secure” ways to screen individuals at points of entry.

Clear, the popular registered traveler biometric company that uses fingerprint and retinal scans to screen airport passengers, and a peculiar World Economic Forum-connected company, are getting into the COVID-19 “health pass” space.

Clear Health Pass

Now available on Clear’s mobile app, the Clear “health pass” is now a one-stop shop for both personal surveillance and an individual’s medical records. Anything from test results to vaccination status will apparently be available to serve as a criteria for a security company or government organization to accept or reject your entry request. In selling the product, Clear claims that it will protect your information and screeners will simply see a red or green light on their screens. Clients can come in all forms, Clear reminds it potential customers, from airport security, to entertainment venues, or even your local grocery store.

Conde Nast reports: “The service links COVID-19 related data like a health questionnaire and temperature check to assess whether someone is healthy enough to enter a certain venue.”

The report continues: 

“Additionally, the app has capability to link COVID-19 test results through partnerships with labs and, eventually, vaccination status. Users verify their identity with a selfie and load their information into the app. They then use a Clear scanning pod at the venue for a temperature scan and to upload their results, either by facial recognition or a QR code.”

“Clear was conceived in the wake of 9/11 to address a major public safety need and is stepping up to meet today’s public health crisis," the Clear CEO said in a statement to Conde Nast, in advocating for the organization’s COVID-19 “health pass.” 

The company claims that your private medical records will be kept safe, so nothing to worry about there, right?

Well, except for that one time when 33,000 Clear customers had their private information stolen and the company declared bankruptcy and ceased operations shortly thereafter in order to avoid refunding customers. But hey, the company is under new management! I’m sure that settles everyone’s concerns about having their health records in Clear’s systems...

I downloaded the Clear Health Pass app to find out more about the new program.

“Health Pass gives you the confidence to enter venues more safely by connecting your verified identity with health insights,” the introductory message claims. The next page takes you to a form where you enter a code to link it with the organization you are attempting to gain entry to. I don’t have an organizational code, so that’s as far as the application took me.

Clear is not the only company getting into the “health pass” space.


The Geneva-based World Economic Forum-endorsed CovidPass will “store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19.” Like Clear, CovidPass is sold as being widely available for anything from country borders to individual storefronts.

Mustapha Mokass, a climate change activist and the founder of a company called Climate Finance Advisors, is the founder of CovidPass. He says the application is secured through blockchain technology, but did not elaborate any further. It is not clear that Mokass has any credentials in the blockchain space. He claims his app will launch in September. 

If these ideas sounds too intrusive and far-fetched to become a reality, consider the fact that many European countries are already actively pursuing related “health passport” ideas that determine entry.

France, Ireland, Germany, the UK and many other nations have already rolled out mass coronavirus testing and screening at airports.

Twitter avatar for @therealarod1984Alex Rodriguez @therealarod1984
France Begins Testing Travelers From 16 Nations—Including U.S.—for Coronavirus Upon Arrival * Must present proof of a negative test done within 72 hours * Those who test positive must quarantine for 14 days This will harm the airline industry for YEARS

Alex Rodriguez @therealarod1984

Covid-19 testing Ireland airports? What happens to you if you test positive? Detained? Forcibly quarantined? For how long? How accurate is the test going to be? Does anyone think of the ramifications, or is the thought process: Panic!, FIO later. https://t.co/HjrDlyOS0s

At this point, it’s not much of a stretch at all for countries and organizations to take it to the next level and implement some version of the proposed “health pass.”

The COVID-19 pandemic began in China, and one of its apparent side effects is that it slowly transforms western governments into China-like surveillance states.

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