TV Shepard has meltdown over humans who refuse to mask up like obedient sheep

Shep Smith is enraged over non-cattle behavior.

Just days after demanding that Americans wear *three masks* In the name of Science™ to stop COVID-19, Corona hysteric Shep Smith is at it again. This time, the CNBC anchor launched into a heated rant about the fact that some Floridians refuse to bend the knee to the mask cult. 

“We all fantasize about a time when we won’t have to wear masks anymore. It’s not now, but some at a supermarket in Florida appear to have decided that the time is now,” a maskless Shep Smith begins his broadcast.


The CNBC anchor continues, shaming a local Florida market from his studio in the New York City area, which has, statistically speaking, demonstrated the worst COVID-19 response of any population center in the entire world.

“Look at this. This was the scene at Oaks Farm Seed to Table market in Naples today,” said an exasperated Smith. “It looks like it was taken pre-pandemic, right? Most customers and employees are not wearing masks at all.”

The news report then flashes to the owner of the market, who calmly and correctly tells a CNBC reporter on scene that there is no evidence that masks work to stop COVID-19, and that the death count from COVID-19 is probably overinflated.

An angry Shep Smith then pops back on to the screen: 

“Florida does not have a mask mandate but masks do work. The science is crystal clear.”

If there was “science” to be found supporting this definitive statement, the CNBC anchor sure didn’t deliver any of it.

Smith went on to cite disgraced former CDC Director Robert Redifeld’s baseless July claim, based on no evidence whatsoever, that America could defeat COVID in a handful of weeks if more Americans wore masks.  “If we would only all wear masks,” Smith says in concluding his rant against non-mask wearers.  

What Smith does not include is the fact that Americans have far surpassed the necessary threshold needed for universal masking standards. In most urban areas, over 95% of citizens have reported that they abide by mask guidelines. Unfortunately, masks have proven to be worthless. There is no evidence they do anything to stop the spread of a virus. 

Mask “science,” similar to the “science” on virtually every destructive restriction that failed to stop COVID-19, is another instance of loose hypothesis model-based “science” taking priority over evidence-based science.

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