They don’t even bother to disguise the brazen corruption anymore.

On a similar note, Janet Woodcock—formerly responsible for approving Oxycontin and Fentanyl—was appointed acting head of the FDA just in time to approve Comirnaty. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence ;-)


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The corruption in all of government, at al levels and throughout the country, is so thick, you could cut it with a knife (to coin a phrase). Where "they" had been accustomed to hiding at least some of it, now it's right in our faces; clearly they believe they have nothing to fear from such blatant abuses of power. It's so big, you can't adjust your thinking to believe that every government agency is staffed with corrupt, greedy, power-hungry bureaucrats and corporate officials. And, to make matters worse (if possible), we are stuck trying to use "their" system to seek corrections to the system.

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The corruption is off the charts. How anyone can be injected with junk that has been approved in this method by morally bankrupt characters, such as the ones listed in this article, is beyond me. The hypnosis is effective to say the least. The corruption is staring people in the face yet they still don't pay any attention. And then they'll subject their kids to products that are pushed and promoted by these slithering reptiles. Mind blowing.

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: Cushy-job-holding Satanists.

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SICK Bastard$$$$ Judgement Day will surely be a Reckoning for many!

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I can defeat the coronavirus and most importantly, I will transfer this ability to people!


offer a vaccine-medicine on monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of coronavirus with 100% effect. I have the strongest acquired immunity.As proof, I made 5 immunograms in 3 immunograms, t cells were significantly exceeded in Abs.number/ml. This calculation was not carried out in 2 immunograms. Monoclonal antibodies are obtained from immune cells. In a word, I will be able to defeat the coronavirus and transfer this ability to people. Monoclonal antibodies are successfully cloned

But most importantly, this medicine will be Halal because it was originally made from the immune cells of a Muslim.

And my medicine-vaccine works differently. After the infusion of my medicine, a person recovers the next day and he will no longer get sick, And if a healthy person is injected with my medicine, he is protected from the disease and most importantly my medicine, the vaccine has no expiration date.

.I passed a full course of vaccination and after the second vaccination in a week, antibodies 5.5 if someone had paid for my antibody test, the picture would have been complete. It would have turned out what my antibody titer was 4 months after full vaccination or 2.5 months later when the antibody titer reached the highest point. But since I'm disabled, I can't take this test for antibodies to coronavirus. There is no money.

I think I got over the coronavirus in early August in 4 days. Symptoms temperature 38 degrees, sneezing, cough, runny nose. I got sick in a super light form. And in addition to this, my mother had a loss of sense of smell and taste. I can tell you how my immunity defeated hepatitis B in 4 months or less and did not even leave traces of antibodies in the blood. I made age recognition based on photos. There I am 34 years old and in fact I am 44 years old. Although I do not do sports, all sports are contraindicated to me due to my illness.

Sooner or later you will come to me. Let me tell you a late scenario. Since I have a fatal disease, I will die

The last invitation to Kazan to the RCB hospital No. 1947 letter was sent by the RCB but at the suggestion of the President of the Russian Federation. He did not use it because of his incapacity

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You are mixing up Scott McClellan and Mark McClellan, I think.

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DC needs to be abandoned completely. We don't have a functioning Republic anymore.

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