The COVID vaccine can help awaken a world of perma-terrorized sheep

Look on the bright side. It's time to seize this opportunity.

Sure, the coming COVID-19 vaccination deployment is not only unnecessary, but part of an ongoing, blatant, in-your-face power and money grab by countless governments, an emboldened “public health expert” class, and wildly irresponsible Big Pharma giants. However, it’s time to stop litigating the past and look on the bright side of things. Proponents of human freedom have been presented with a golden opportunity to use the coming vaccine rollout as an instrument for a return to normalcy.

President Trump announced last night during a Thanksgiving address that the coronavirus vaccine may begin to make its way to Americans as soon as next week. Additionally, the FDA is said to be considering authorization for several COVID-19 vaccines in the coming days and weeks. 

Big Pharma brands have already cashed the multi-billion dollar checks from world governments, and hundreds of millions of vaccine doses are being produced for a disease with a 99.8+% recovery rate. The debate over whether the coronavirus vaccine is a necessary thing for the whole of society is long over. That battle was fought a long time ago, and the vaccine-for-all crowd has won the day. Now we must focus on the days ahead.

Those of us who are seeking an end to our semi-permanent state of Corona Madness can leverage the vaccine to lobby for a return to normalcy. The coronavirus vaccine has become akin to a necessary emotional recovery tool for the fearful & terrorized masses, who ate up every large helping of propaganda that they've been served by the media and the “expert” class over the past year. These individuals have created a world for themselves where every human being presents an immediate threat to their life, and the only thing that will help them escape their self-created nightmare is a coronavirus vaccine. Due to their constant state of fear and terror, they are completely inaccessible. They’ve checked out from searching for facts, and they won’t come back to the sanity table until they’ve received their coronavirus vaccines.

Again, there are millions and millions of people who have passed the point of no return to sanity, unless they are assisted by their promised “cure.” For that reason alone, the COVID-19 vaccine will be a useful tool for a return to normalcy. The vaccine will help herd the terrorized, unresponsive sheep back to some form of normalcy. It will assist them in getting back to some state of functionality. 

I’m not worried about the informed and thoughtful readers of The Dossier, but I also recognize the reality that we are still in a small minority when it comes to our outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic. There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who do not share our perspective, who have been completely propagandized into submission, and who have lived every day of their lives this year worried about a very mildly threatening respiratory virus. These individuals will remain on both mental and physical lockdown until they receive their COVID vaccine. We need these people to at least return to a semi-normal state before society can fully function again. Just as a baby needs an emotional support blanket, the COVID herd needs their vaccine.

Sure, there are also reasons to be concerned about what comes next. Many in the “public health expert” class, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, are making a blatant attempt to continue the power grab, and transform our current COVID mania state into a permanent feature of life. Powerful institutions such as the CDC and other global “health” outfits are hyping the COVID-19 vaccine as an annual necessity that is superior to the human immune system. 

We’re not nearly out of the woods yet, but at the very least, the COVID vaccine will present us with a unique opportunity to reach millions of previously terrified individuals, and help them embrace an alternate roadmap for the future. The public health statists have made it clear that they prefer “The Great Reset” or the top-down tyranny “new normal” model, to keep us “safe” from future pandemics. Once we enter this vaccine deployment stage of the pandemic, I hope that we can awaken the previously terrorized masses enough to join the side of fellow human freedom proponents of the COVID era. That’s our best shot at being able to shift the scales back on our side.

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