The children’s mental health epidemic was caused by lockdowns, not COVID-19

“The pandemic” is not responsible for inhumane action.

Lockdowns, not COVID-19, are driving children and teens (who are not remotely threatened by COVID-19) in America and throughout the world into deep mental health crises, brought about by people who are supposed to be responsible for their wellbeing. This crisis is entirely a lockdown proponent-manifested crisis. It is not a pandemic-related issue, nor a “side effect” of the overall COVID-19 pandemic. Bad decisions were made by reckless people, and kids are suffering because of it. 

For months and months, the emerging mental health crisis was swept under the rug, as “public health experts” remained solely focused on fighting a war against a disease with a 99.8% recovery rate, and putting every other issue aside, as if they simply did not exist. However, the crisis has become so devastating and so vast that there is no longer any avoiding notice of this reality.

Children, teens, and even college students have been stripped of their humanity and development, and treated as mere vectors of disease, and not complex human beings in need of social and physical interaction. Across the United States and abroad, it is all too common to hear about kids having been forced to remain locked up in their rooms for virtually the entire year of 2020 (and now into 2021), forcing them to undergo an experience similar to solitary confinement.

Unsurprisingly, children and teens throughout the country continue showing up to hospitals in droves – not for any coronavirus-related conditions, but because kids are suffering from a mental health epidemic that has been forced upon them. 

In a recent study, the CDC reported that mental health-related ER visits have shot up between 24-31% for kids between 5-17 years old. 

In some school districts, the child/teen suicide epidemic has gotten so disturbingly bad that schools were immediately forced back open. In school district after school district, we continue to see shocking stories and reporting on unprecedented mental health crises.

The legacy media, which remains one of the main drivers for the coronavirus panic policies that have punished children with inhumane restrictions, has taken pains to label “the pandemic,” and not the people who instituted the lockdowns, as the party responsible for these tragedies.

Here’s a couple headlines that highlight the misdirection we’re seeing:

“Child psychiatrists warn that the pandemic may be driving up kids’ suicide risk,” NPR wrote.

“For many young people, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified these conditions and challenges as it disrupted school,” US News said. 

Logically, it makes no sense that children should be worried about COVID-19. Even the most hysterical corona panic promoters will admit – rather quietly – that children and teenagers are not at all threatened by COVID-19. Sure, there are anecdotal cases for every rare condition, but this reality of a non-threatening virus to kids is backed by endless amounts of supporting data. Seasonal influenza, in fact, is proven to be much more threatening to kids than COVID-19.

Children are not only facing a mental health crisis imposed by their elders. Check out this partial list other issues effecting children, which was compiled by Rational Ground.

There’s an ugly, simple truth that explains what has happened over the course of the last year – the people in charge of our institutions sacrificed the physical and mental health of the next generation because they thought it was more important to “protect” themselves. The officials and institutions that enforced lockdowns, along with the millions of enablers who cheered them on, sacrificed their progeny to “combat” a virus, and they have absolutely nothing to show for it but a generation of damaged Americans. 

It would be worth having a conversation about the costs and benefits of lockdowns if they did anything positive to stop the spread of a virus. However, lockdowns have proven themselves entirely useless, backed by a global data set that shows non pharmaceutical interventions have had no beneficial statistical impact.

The pro-lockdown camp (and especially the politicians and “public health experts” that drove the edicts) is entirely responsible for the kids’ mental health epidemic occurring in America and throughout the world today. One day, hopefully, these parties will be held accountable for the horrors they unleashed on the next generation.