The Biden Administration is already attempting Middle East regime change

Team Biden targets the Saudi monarchy. It won't work.

You may not have noticed, but the White House is already attempting to fan the flames of regime change in the Middle East, targeting a longtime U.S. ally — and a crucial force for regional stability — for the first destabilization campaign of the Biden presidency.

Less than one month into the Biden presidency, the White House has taken to attempting to forcibly restructure the power center of the Saudi monarchy. This week, the administration has been raising the volume on an interference campaign into Riyadh’s internal affairs, waging a purposeful ploy to move power away from the de facto leader of the country, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who has been granted most of his elderly father’s portfolio.

The Guardian reports: 

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, this week said Joe Biden intended to “recalibrate” the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, and considered King Salman – not Prince Mohammed – to be his counterpart. While the designation might technically be true, the 35-year-old prince is widely seen as running Saudi Arabia and has direct relations with other foreign leaders.

Psaki added in the press conference: “On Saudi Arabia I would say we’ve made clear from the beginning that we are going to recalibrate our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

By “recalibrate,” Psaki means attempting to push the Saudis into choosing a leader that the Biden Administration approves of, so that relations can improve. Team Biden is engaged in an overt blackmail regime change campaign.

There are four important dynamics that you need to know about Saudi Arabia’s internal and external state of affairs, and the Biden Administration role in promoting hostility:

First and foremost, MBS is the unquestioned leader of the country, and by all objective measures, he is wildly popular among Saudis for his efforts to modernize the country, increase nationalist and patriotic sentiment, bolster quality of life, and institute economic, societal, and human rights reforms. 

Second, the Saudi Crown Prince has been staunchly pro-American in both his policy actions and his worldview. MBS moved mountains to allow for the success of the US-Israel-UAE-Bahrain Abraham Accords, which brought unprecedented peace agreements to the region. Without MBS, there are no peace deals between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain. MBS also provided the glue to build a Middle East coalition against both insurgent jihadist groups like ISIS, and jihadist nation states like Iran. 

Third, MBS and the Trump Administration remained on solid terms, but that wasn’t the case for the Obama Administration, which preferred to entangle itself with Islamist forces as opposed to more stable nationalist forces. The Biden Administration’s foreign policy team is almost a carbon copy of the Obama Administration's foreign policy team. The same failed globalist ideologues are now back in the saddle. They very much intend on advancing President Obama’s Middle East realignment project, which involved getting into bed with hostile actors and disrupting longtime alliances.

Fourth, MBS’s father, King Salman, has already delegated most of his authority. This is not unusual in a monarchy, which allows for the process of gradually granting power over to a designated successor. King Salman is, by all reported indications, very comfortable with his decision. The line of succession will not be redrawn. 

The Biden Administration is attempting to pressure King Salman and his advisers into a redo, which screams of blatant interference into the House of Saud. It’s also important to note that there is no “better option” for American interests waiting in the wings. An attempt to sideline the region’s most influential power broker won’t work, making the effort an impressively stupid, unique combination of recklessness and self destructive behavior. The Saudi royal family and the country has coalesced around MBS. Deliberately undermining Saudi Arabia’s leader will only serve to weaken both the interests of the U.S. and the Saudis, to the delight of America’s enemies.

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