The Earth is off it’s axis. Fox just spent an hour airing the Murdaugh trial and continued commentary with the “ scintillating” panel of “ experts”. Who cares? What hasn’t received coverage? The massive earthquakes rocking Turkey- Syria and the tectonic shift, the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Great Reset promoting AI and transhumanism, the implications of WWIII should an errant missile strike a “ NATO” member, that the real reinstitution of the Soviet Union is in fact, NATO, the WEF, EU, UN led by the US.

That both parties are responsible for the dissolution of the US and our “ vaunted” elected officials hate “ We The People”.

And nobody is publicly addressing that we are finished.

As per Ann Coulter, I wish her intent was that of Brandeis, but she’s using him as a straw man. She really is a bigot. Nikki Haley is an establishment neocon and surprisingly unlikable. I’d not seen this facet of her personality prior to late. The braggadocio and arrogance.

As per Coulter’s trash talk of Hinduism, she might be better served by studying the substance of the tenets. Better still, why India manages to not involve itself in destructive interventions. She’s a fan of Nationalism. India is quintessentially nationalist. The “ Sacred Cow” is not a god. It provides a largely populated nation with mass poverty due to its enormous population the major source of nourishment. Milk. And the Hindu faith is centered on karma. What goes around, comes around. As we will soon find out in the most horrifying destruction created by a Darwinian downward scale of a dumbed down global population of Stepfordized, Stockholm Syndromized, Milgrimized imbeciles led by megalomaniacal psychopaths.

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Thanks and a suggestion:

Russian Air Power “Mystery” Explained -- Dreizinreport -February 22, 2023


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Democrats suddenly LOVE war.

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The war is not "right," it's a damn flipping joke -- and American taxpayers are being PLUNDERED. Full stop.

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Ann Coulter? 🤮

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The one about lab grow meat from cancer cells reminds me of comedian Steve Martin's joke about hot dogs being made from animal lips and entrails. That actually sound pretty good to me, compared to eating cancer cells.

Danny Huckabee

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