Special Announcement

New streaming deal with Rokfin.

Hey Substack fam,

Exciting news! Jordan is going to be hosting a live-streamed show!

I wanted to let you know that in addition to my work here, I have signed a deal with Rokfin, a new creators startup and innovative platform for exclusive content, to provide them once a week live streams every Wednesday evening. First livestream is tomorrow at 7PM ET!

On my weekly show, I’ll be elaborating in detail about all of the big topics of the day, including the staple items that you’ve seen on this publication over the course of the past year. We will spend a lot of time tackling the global pandemic of authoritarianism, and tracking the countless governmental power grabs that threaten to rob us of our civil liberties.

(FYI: The Dossier on Substack will remain my primary avenue for publishing content and I will continue to churn out regular episodes of The Dossier Podcast. You will continue to see lots of output on this site. Nothing will change here!)

Rokfin is based in Texas and it features content from a plethora of awesome creators like Mike Cernovich, Michael Tracey, Chrissie Mayr, Jimmy Dore, and so many more unique minds.

I’m super excited to get started with Rokfin and I hope you will join me on this new endeavor!

You can find my page here: Rokfin.com/JordanSchachtel