How Ron DeSantis saved America from COVID tyranny

He made the case for freedom, backed by science.

Watching the entirety of the Anglosphere, and even a giant chunk of the West, stuck in perpetual COVID hysteria has given me the opportunity to reflect on how close the whole of America came to being trapped in a “COVID Zero” complex with the rest of the world. Had it not been for Ron DeSantis and a handful of GOP governors, in all likelihood, we’d still be hopelessly in step one of our roadmap to normalcy. 

Just take a look at the events in the Anglosphere in recent days and weeks.

Australia has imposed another ultra-restrictive lockdown. I lost track of how many lockdowns Melbourne has been in at this point, and how many times they have “stamped out” COVID, only for it to return weeks later.

Canada remains in a state of complete lockdown. 

The United Kingdom is on the brink of revising its plan to end lockdowns, despite failing to find any actual COVID cases, citing the latest “scariant.” 

New Zealand’s self siege continues in perpetuity. 

Now a year and a half into COVID Mania, much of the world carries on with complete pseudoscientific insanity despite zero supporting evidence for the human rights atrocities being committed against their own citizens in the name of stopping a virus.

That could have been our fate, too, had it not been for a small group of leaders who dared to defy the so-called scientific consensus on lockdowns.

Sure, Governors Kristi Noem (R-SD) and Brian Kemp (R-GA), among others, are to be applauded for their efforts in keeping their states as open as possible, but no American politician has been as relentless as Gov. DeSantis when it came to making the case against the draconian madness that is lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, vaccine movement passes, and a number of other disastrous COVID-related restrictions.

DeSantis made it a point to showcase that his policy decisions instinctively leaned on liberty in addition to being evidence-based. He elevated the voices of some of the preeminent experts in the field to make the case that these restrictions were not just fundamentally anti-American, but they were also based on fraudulent science. In defending his course of action, DeSantis held multiple live roundtables and open discussions for a global audience on the real science and the data of the pandemic with some of the best and brightest minds in the profession, including Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institution, Oxford’s Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Harvard’s Martin Kulldorff, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, to name a few.

What separates Gov DeSantis from his gubernatorial colleagues across America is that he was willing to fight both battles and engage both the moral and scientific arguments against lockdowns at the same time. In doing so, DeSantis became the de facto leader of the resistance against COVID tyranny in America, defying corrupt, hyper politicized U.S. Government Health institutions like the CDC and the NIH, the Biden Administration, the “expertise” of career bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and the recently “retired” Deborah Birx, and power drunk lockdown governors like Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Gavin Newsom (D-CA). 

Florida’s reopening was a success too obvious to ignore to any fair-minded observers. Both the data and the lived experience of Floridians showed that lockdowns did more harm than good.  Florida, even with its older population, consistently outperformed lockdown states. Florida, with its open schools and open businesses, outperformed states where these institutions remained walled off from the people.

Moreover, Florida’s anti-lockdown success was critical to the policies of fence sitting governors like Doug Ducey in Arizona and Greg Abbott in Texas, who finally, after months of catering to the supposed science behind restrictions, came around to embrace Florida’s roadmap to reopening.

Although political activists and the corporate press (such as the Miami Herald and other prominent publications both inside and outside of Florida) did their best to attempt to smear the governor’s COVID policies with fake data and conspiracy theories, Florida’s positive results from its “Free State” governance model were too good to be ignored. “Public health experts” and panic salesmen failed to provide a counter narrative to Florida’s success story, and eventually, the masses began to demand answers about why their conditions couldn’t resemble Florida’s. 

The Florida success caused the Biden Administration and pro-lockdown governors to scramble for answers. After months of having claimed the moral high ground, they were put on defense. It became more and more difficult for these authoritarian forces to continue to justify their power grabs. Though there remains some holdouts, these forces are not even bothering to claim that the science is on their side. They are now largely justifying their remaining restrictions by claiming citizens are not psychologically ready to embrace freedom again until a late date. 

Gov. DeSantis may not have been the first man through the door on opposing lockdowns, but he made the case for freedom against COVID tyranny louder, more succinctly, and with more passion and persistence than any of his counterpart political allies across the nation. His efforts to raise awareness about the cruelty and anti-science nature of societal and institutional closures didn’t just stop with the reopening of Florida, they continue to this day. And for good reason, both his allies and adversaries have been forced to recognize the Florida governor as an emerging force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

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