Expert he is not: new book exposes Fauci's mythological scientific acumen

Certainly not the "nation's top infectious disease expert."

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Dr. Scott Atlas’s new book, “A Plague Upon Our House,” which comes out on December 7. 


In reading the account from his tenure inside of the Trump Administration’s COVID response team, acting as something similar to 45’s “COVID czar,” I was repeatedly struck by the seeming lack of intellectual capacity possessed by Anthony Fauci. I have certainly heard the rumors and seen Fauci’s public persona on display, and in his book, Atlas removes all doubt about Anthony Fauci the man. He confirms the clear reality that Fauci is just not a very bright person. 

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Like most career government bureaucrats, the routinely labeled “nation’s top infectious disease expert” does not live up to his corporate press and ruling class identity. Similar to his colleagues in Government Health, Fauci reveals himself as a midwit in his very best moments, but those moments do not occur in anything resembling a scientific proving ground. Rather, Fauci and his compatriots flourish in Washington, D.C. because they are masters of media manipulation and the federal government bureaucracy. According to Dr. Atlas, Fauci, routinely exposed his lack of intellectual capacity and scientific expertise.

In one such White House COVID-19 Task Force meeting, Atlas discloses that Fauci could not pronounce a medical term, while claiming that it was a proven and worrying symptom of COVID-19.

Atlas writes:

I politely listened as Dr. Fauci spoke about the study. He quickly jumped to what he often did—the alarmist interpretation of “how dangerous this virus is.” He then moved to other things “we don’t know,” speculating about potential problems from this virus. He then garbled out something that was almost unrecognizable. He had grossly mispronounced a medical term.

I leaned forward, struck by what I heard. I interrupted. “What did you just say?” He stopped immediately, frozen. No reply.

I repeated my question. “What did you just say? What are you trying to pronounce?” Fauci just looked at me. The room was silent. Then I said, “Are you trying to say encephalomyelitis?”

In another excerpt, Dr. Atlas discusses a revealing interaction with Dr Fauci regarding mask efficacy.

Fauci declared, “I have proof that masks work.” 

Again I wondered, “Wasn’t that ‘the science’ six months ago, when they all advocated universal masks?” Fauci continued, without any charts or data, remarking on a comparison of two neighboring states, one with and the other without a mask mandate. The state with a mandate had a slightly earlier decline in cases per day.

I was not going to bother arguing at this point; it seemed futile. 

It took a nonscientist to point out the lack of critical thinking. CMS Director Seema Verma interrupted. “Tony, you know that is not a valid comparison; those states have so many differences, in population, in urban versus rural counties, in demographics, in weather. There is no way to claim that difference is due to masks.” 

Fauci had no reply.

As Dr. Atlas reveals time and time again, the real Anthony Fauci is a man whose real expertise comes in the form of navigating the Government Health bureaucracy. Yet he comes breathtakingly short in living up to the media and ruling class label as the “nation’s top infectious disease expert.” He appears unwilling or unable to think deeply about issues and policies that have had a devastating impact on American society.

The upcoming book is truly a no holds barred account from a hero of our time. 

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