Deborah Birx comes back to D.C. to declare Trump bad and prescribe more COVID pseudoscience

Birx blames Trump’s politics for COVID spread.


Deborah Birx, the disgraced former White House coronavirus response coordinator, arrived in Washington, D.C. this week on a mission to save the reputation of Team Apocalypse and the havoc they have wreaked on the American public for the last two years. Teaming up with lawmakers to find a bogeyman for her own failures, she came to D.C. to make the preposterous, headline grabbing claim that Donald Trump is directly to blame for over 100,000 lives lost with COVID-19.

The election year “just took people’s time away and distracted them from the pandemic,” she told the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Wednesday. “I felt like the White House had gotten somewhat complacent through the campaign season.”

In the Congressional hearing, Birx teed off on Trump. Asked if the former president did everything possible to fight a war on a virus, she replied, “No. And I’ve said that to the White House. I believe I was very clear to the president in specifics of what I needed him to do.”

She added:

“If we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in indoor dining, the getting friends and family to understand the risk of gathering in private homes, and we had increased testing, then we probably could have decreased fatalities by 30-40%.” 

Birx remains committed to peddling pure pseudoscience. She spent the entirety of her time in the White House forcing this destructive nonsense down the throats of state governors who hesitantly complied due to federal pressure. The newfound George Bush Center fellow is now back in D.C. to double down on the insanity.

Yet now two years into our “war on a virus,” the measures she and her mentor Anthony Fauci have declared as scientific and helpful have only contributed to our societal and economic struggles as a nation. 

Let’s examine the efficacy of her staple COVID-19 “prevention” recommendations, and how they’ve panned out since March of 2020:

Mask mandates

Nowhere in the world have mask mandates and/or universal mask wearing shown to stop or slow the spread of a virus. Even when compliance levels reached upwards of 90% in several major cities throughout the world, we could observe a sustained seasonal COVID outbreak undeterred by the cloth. 

Moreover, there has been no comprehensive study that shows mask provide any benefit to either the wearer or the person who comes into close contact with the mask wearer. Mask efficacy is based on faith, not objective evidence, and Deborah Birx is a preacher in the church of the mask religion. 

The irreplaceable Ian Miller has countless articles on his Substack addressing this very matter. 

Reduction in indoor dining & other restrictions

Similar to mask mandates, there is no evidence that business and restaurant closures help to solve a seasonal illness outbreak. Birx’s maniacal mandates only starved families in the industry of being able to earn a living. She and Fauci proclaim that these select restrictions would have stopped the epidemic or somehow reduced sickness. Yet countries like Sweden, or states in the U.S. that have remained open the whole time, saw no worse outcomes than neighboring states with restrictions.

Gathering in private homes

For the former Gates Inc board member, this level of chutzpah is incredibly rich. 

In her congressional testimony, Birx claimed that stopping family gatherings is a key element of having the God-like power to stop a respiratory illness, yet she has not followed her own advice.

Birx infamously resigned in disgrace after she was caught flouting her own guidance, when the longtime government bureaucrat secretly held a large gathering at one of her vacation homes in Delaware. That same week, Birx advised the public not to get together during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Trump didn’t downplay the COVID response. He overplayed it.

Contrary to the popular opinion of the Beltway Elite, the president’s overplayed, not downplayed the response to COVID-19. The global panic that was set off in Wuhan, China turned free societies into authoritarian regimes overnight. 

The “mitigation” and “suppression” proposed by Birx  and Fauci, and implemented by President Trump’s team for several months, only served to harm the American public. In the end, it probably cost him the election. Yet the idea that Trump is responsible for the deaths of over one-hundred thousand people is certainly preposterous. 

This is evidenced by the “following the science” Biden Administration having already registered more American COVID deaths under its tenure than Trump’s, and that’s with the supposed assistance of additional pharmaceutical products. 

Deborah Birx and her ruling class friends have it exactly backwards. President Trump warned of the “cure” becoming worse than the disease, and that’s exactly what happened. The policies demanded by Deborah Birx and her comrades only contributed to our virus problem, but did nothing to actually stop a virus.

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