Cuomo and Fauci agree: masks and social distancing for thee, but not for me!

Not practicing what they preach.

Two of the most high-profile American advocates for universal masking and social distancing are not practicing what they preach.

Both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the longtime federal bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci have for months now been arguing for mandatory universal masking throughout the United States. The two men have been proponents for some of the most brutal “social distancing” restrictions on record, which have destroyed hundreds of thousands of American businesses and ruined untold lives across the United States, all in the name of science.

Surely, they would want to set an example by practicing what they preach, right?

Turns out, the two power drunk men have been routinely and openly flouting their own advocacy.

A maskless Governor Cuomo, who has advised against unnecessary air travel, was spotted earlier this week in Atlanta abusing social distancing, and even taking to *hugging* local officials in the process. 

Back in D.C., Dr. Fauci made a lot of headlines for attending the Washington Nationals game last night and throwing out (botching) the first pitch. But this morning, photos surfaced on social media of Dr. Fauci spotted in the stands openly disregarding his social distancing recommendations and wearing his mask on his chin.

Fauci flouted social distancing and masks on the same day that the mayor of Washington, D.C. made it *illegal* to do so and imposed a $1,000 fine for violators of her edict. Given Fauci’s cult hero status on the left, I don’t think he’s going to receive a citation any time soon.

Fauci, who seems to have become completely consumed by the spotlight provided to him by the media, had the chutzpah to go on Fox News this morning and continue to demand complete adherence to social distancing and masks. 

And furthering his dishonest advocacy, Fauci defended himself by claiming he was simply taking a sip of a bottle of water, but it’s clear in the photos that the cap is secured on the bottle. 

The people who want to rule over us agree: Masks and social distancing for us peasants, but the elites are free to disregard all of it!

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