COVID season begins in New York & DC: Will ‘the experts’ stop a virus this time around?

Fauci says it is “within our power” to stop the wave.

It’s October 1st, which means that today is officially the first day of respiratory illness season in much of the United States. 

In the before times, we called this Flu season, and it was met with calm guidance from our health institutions about staying healthy, fit, and extra sanitary during the respiratory illness season. But the times have certainly changed, and much of America has become convinced that we have the God-like powers to stop an endemic submicroscopic infectious particle in its tracks.

Cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C — where COVID-19 policy is directed by “public health experts” who claim to have the ability to control a seasonal respiratory virus — are said to be better “protected” from another COVID-19 wave this time around. Similar to the guests at Barack Obama’s big birthday bash, these areas are rife with compliant citizens who don’t question authority and fashion themselves as part of the “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.” 

These citizens have been “listening to the science” since day one. Sure, the resulting data has not given them any statistical health benefit whatsoever. But this time, it’s different, we’re told. These areas maintain incredibly high compliance with mRNA shots, restrictions on society, and “public health measures” like masks and vaccine passports that will successfully “stop the spread,” according to our so-called expert class.

“The experts” say that the latest COVID waves we saw in southern areas of the country — in places like Texas and Florida, where lots of people are susceptible to radical ideas like free thinking, and where leaders chose not to adopt draconian mandates — were not a result of seasonal sickness, but of a failure to adopt these so-called public health measures. 

“Experts” like Dr Anthony Fauci have declared, in deity-like fashion, that the southern wave was a failure of “following the science” and that it is “within our power” for places like New York and D.C. to completely avoid COVID-19 this season by masking up and getting more COVID shots. 

Yet we’ve now been able to track seasonal illness related to COVID-19 for almost two years, and none of these restrictions and mandates seem to have made a dent on the COVID problem. What used to be referred to as Flu season has acted in parallel with COVID season throughout the world. This isn’t a recent phenomenon. Every year in documented history, depending on where people live, there is a noticeable rise in respiratory illness in general. This is not an ongoing miraculous coincidence of human behavior that can be stopped in its tracks, as Dr. Fauci and “the experts of science” would have you believe, but a longstanding reality. Due to the constant hysteria, panic, and governmental power grabs surrounding COVID-19, much of society has erased respiratory season from their cognitive lexicon. 

Longstanding historical trends tell us that much of the American northeast and midwest will undoubtedly continue to register high numbers of COVID-19-attached issues through the Fall and Winter. 

So what will “the experts” do when their promises have once more failed to come to fruition? 

That’s when the blame game begins.

Who will they decide to blame this time around? Will it again be the Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn? The MAGA country residents of urban Chicago? Perhaps the “unvaccinated,” in reference to anyone who has not lined up for their third dose of mRNA shots. Maybe Ron DeSantis? When was that bike rally in Sturgis again? The list of accused culprits for the pandemic can go on and on, but this Fall and Winter, the hypotheses of our credentialed expert class will face the ultimate test. And if history tells us anything, the experts’ track record suggests total and complete humiliation once again.

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