COVID-19 'whistleblower' published 'COVID bioweapon' report with fake co-authors & misleading credentials

Li-Meng Yan is not a board certified medical doctor.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the highly-touted COVID-19 “whistleblower” who claims that the novel coronavirus is an ultra-deadly Chinese military bioweapon that was designed to target Americans, published her much-hyped COVID-19 research paper alongside individuals who may not actually exist. Plus, her academic credentials appear to call into question her technical knowledge and level of access that is necessary to advance an empirical claim on this level.

Dr. Yan’s coauthors on the report are either not real people or pseudonyms. Dr. Yan co-authored her report with 3 PhDs identified as Shu Kang, Jie Guan, and Shanchang Hu. These individuals have no established history of publishing any work under their names. And even if these are in fact pseudonyms, Dr. Yan and her purported colleagues engaged in gross scientific misconduct by not disclosing this information to readers. 

As you can see in the paper, while Yan lists her real name, her coauthors either fabricate theirs or do not in fact exist. It remains unclear who worked on her controversial paper alongside her.

I submitted a request for comment to the media contact on the Zenodo paper. It was not returned.

After months of claiming with absolute certainty that COVID-19 was caused by a Chinese man-made bioweapon purposed with killing Americans, Dr. Yan published her pre-print paper about the “unusual features” of the coronavirus. The paper did not include the promised evidence that she claimed to possess showing that the virus was created in a lab and/or purposely released by the Chinese military. It simply offered a thesis arguing why that was the case. The paper, which was published on September 14, concludes by promising a follow up report with “additional evidence” that will be submitted shortly.

Moreover, Dr. Yan does not have the credentials of a U.S. medical degree. She is not a board certified medical doctor. Yan has the equivalent of a master’s degree in medicine, and a PhD in ophthalmology. In China, the standards are much lower for someone to be considered a medical doctor, but she is nowhere near the U.S. equivalent. In her paper, Dr. Yan lists herself as an MD, but it serves to confuse readers into believing that she has credentials that she does not actually possess.

Yan is an eye specialist by training. Over the past couple of years, her work has shifted to immunology and virology, with her postdoctoral work at Hong Kong University, but she does not have an established history prior to a couple years ago of publishing scientific work in these fields. Yan has made several unverified claims about having knowledge of the supposed Chinese creation of the coronavirus as early as January of 2020.

In addition to her lack of credentials, Yan and her “co-authors’” work, as previously reported in other outlets, is associated with the Rule of Law Society and Rule of Law Foundation, which are political operations, and not scientific research institutions.

The two aforementioned political operations are wholly funded by a controversial, ultra-wealthy Chinese businessman named Guo Wengui, who tasked conservative political activist Steve Bannon with running his organizations. Depending on who you ask, Mr. Guo is either an anti-Beijing crusader or a Chinese dissident-hunter who is loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

Through the Guo-funded, Bannon-run War Room Pandemic show and on prominent forums such as Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and countless other venues, Dr. Yan has been continuing to push the narrative, contrary to evidence, that COVID-19 is an incredibly lethal bioweapon that was created to kill Americans. Her virus fear mongering is completely detached from the reality that COVID-19 is not particularly lethal, with an infection fatality rate in the range of seasonal flu.

Bannon and his colleagues have well-established reputations as anti-China hawks, but it does not apparently cross their minds that they are hosting a “whistleblower” who does not come with any evidence to support her claims.

The unsubstantiated “Chinese bioweapon” and “ultra-deadly virus” narratives, which may have been originally sourced to Dr. Yan (given Bannon’s claim that she was communicating this information as far back as mid January), were advanced by the Guo-backed War Room show and several other media venues in order to push for robust, indefinite, destructive lockdowns of the United States, in order to “protect” Americans from the alleged coronavirus bioweapon.

For more on the information operation involving Dr. Yan, please read part one of my investigation into her status as a purported COVID-19 “whistleblower.”