China's COVID-19 ‘success’ is a mirage that continues to deceive the West

Wuhan residents packed city streets to bring in 2021.

Social media was set ablaze last night with shocked and perplexed reactions to New Year’s celebration media coming out of Wuhan, China, which showed packed streets, and citizens bringing in 2021 in an almost pre-corona fashion unparalleled in virtually the entirety of the Western world.

The Wuhan celebrations were presented as a great source of national pride for China, who are projecting to the world that they alone have succeeded in conquering a virus that no one else has been able to get under control. As the COVID-19 case count continues to rack up across the West, China claims that it’s pandemic problem has been solved for many months.

Many were baffled to see China’s unprecedented images and videos showcasing supposed success in dealing with the virus, all without even having the need for a COVID-19 vaccine! Some were downright envious that Chinese citizens were able to bring in the New Year freely and openly, hoping that one day it could be them, too. Countless mask advocates and lockdown proponents lashed out at their fellow compatriots, claiming that if only these apparent barbarians had complied with “the science,” and invoked some sort of Chinese cultural conformity in ensuring compliance, they too would be able to celebrate. Another large segment claimed that such a scene is only possible because China is secretly covering up the deaths of millions of its citizens due to COVID-19.

China’s in-your-face message to the world was as clear as day:

Your country can be just like China, and back open for business, and conquer this submicroscopic infectious particle, but only if you follow China’s strict protocols. It’s not easy, but there’s a path to victory!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is selling the idea that this celebration in Wuhan was made possible because they “defeated” the virus through the country’s strong-handed, authoritarian policy response to the pandemic, proving both the superiority of their people and their system as a whole. Beijing has been happy to continue to deliver a roadmap of solutions to the rest of the world, which includes further rolling lockdowns and draconian restrictions until the virus is “under control,” like in China. These restrictions have not been imposed in China for almost a full year, but Beijing claims that they did such a good job with the lockdowns that they never faced any additional issues.

The aforementioned roadmap continues to be implemented as the main gameplan to “defeat the virus” across the world. Some countries have instituted hard lockdowns and other punishing restrictions for hundreds of days, with no success to be found. So why have these lockdowns, China’s promised magic bullet, never worked anywhere else in the world? 

That’s because China’s response in Wuhan was pure pseudoscience. It didn’t actually work. China did not eliminate a virus. The data about lockdowns — now tried in over 100 countries, and having been instituted for almost a year — shows that they do not work to eliminate a respiratory virus. The same goes with every other non pharmaceutical intervention, in addition to contact tracing for the virus. The data on lockdowns are unrelenting and crystal-clear in showcasing their catastrophic failures. China did not eliminate a virus, they successfully sold the image of eliminating a virus. 

Some will inevitably ask: if China did not in fact eliminate the virus, how is it that China is completely open and thriving during the pandemic?

The reason why Chinese society can be open and productive during the coronavirus pandemic is simple: COVID-19 is not particularly dangerous to an open society. The data tells us that around 99.9% of infectees will recover from COVID-19. It is simply not the killer virus we were told it was. It is a disease that is not at all threatening to the working class, who have been hardest hit by the healthy quarantines and indirect lockdowns across the West. Take for example, Sweden, with a population of over 10 million, has recorded fewer than 100 COVID-19 deaths for the entire population under 50 years old. The same age stratification pattern aligns across the board in every other Western nation. The China-endorsed healthy quarantines are nothing short of pure, destructive insanity.

The virus is not dangerous enough to change any of our behaviors whatsoever, but it did anyway, because our leaders continue to advance a bill of misinformation and lies about its real danger to society. 

China did not defeat a virus, but they did declare victory over a virus, told us they had virtually eliminated a virus, and then moved on. China’s disseminated falsehood has worked beyond the CCP’s wildest dreams, so why stop now? They’ll be motivated to continue to propagate these COVID-19 falsehoods about their stunning national “success” until the information operation is no longer useful, and no sooner.

If there’s one thing we can borrow from China’s *real* response to the pandemic, it’s their post-Wuhan reaction, which showcases that the virus is not powerful enough to even consider a thought about reorienting society around it. Yet somehow, through almost the entirety of 2020, the Western world was busy brute forcing China-prescribed lockdowns over and over again, continually failing, but expecting different results. Here’s to hoping that reason and sanity will prevail in 2021.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

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