Book burners: Twitter silences dissent, locks out President Trump’s COVID adviser

A mask cultist rage mob demanded it, and Twitter complied.

Twitter has decided to lock the account belonging to Dr. Scott Atlas, the president’s top COVID-19 adviser, after a group of mask advocates demanded a virtual book burning of the renowned doctor’s views on masks/face coverings.

In a tweet posted Saturday morning, Dr. Atlas correctly noted that there is no particular evidence that masks work to stop the spread of COVID-19. In doing so, he cited longstanding literature on masks from the World Health Organization, the CDC, and Oxford University. He linked to a terrific article by the American Institute for Economic Research, which goes into great detail about how cloth face coverings and masks not only don’t work as advertised, but pose several additional risks both related and unrelated to the pandemic.

Moreover, Rational Ground has done a great job charting how masks do not work to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

See their mask charts here:

Dr. Atlas has been an essential voice for the push to return America to normal. He has helped the Trump Administration raise awareness about destructive COVID-19 reactionary policies such as lockdowns and school closures. He has often had to take on both the press and the government bureaucracy in driving home the evidence and statistics that support reopening.

Following the Atlas tweet, a group of enraged partisan mask cultists (who, by the way, never want to debate the efficacy of masks, because there are no facts on their side) demanded the removal of the tweet. 

Here’s a few examples of the true mask believers’ demands upon Twitter:

Twitter — which has advocated for massive restrictions, as shown by who it has labeled as a COVID-19 “expert,”— complied shortly thereafter. The social media giant not only deleted the tweet, but locked the account belonging to Dr. Atlas for an indefinite period of time.

CNN wrote an article celebrating the removal of the Atlas tweet. The advocacy media network got in touch with a Twitter spokesperson, who told them that “the policy Atlas violated prohibits sharing false or misleading content related to Covid-19 that could lead to harm.” 

Twitter did not specify anything shared by Atlas related to COVID-19 that has been false or misleading. 

This entire debacle is a shameful partisan witch hunt. It has nothing to do with science. In fact, the silencing of dissent directly undermines the widely understood Western scientific processes of debate, observation, and experimentation. “The Science” has become a purity contest, and those who dissent from “The Science” must be removed from the conversation entirely, according to the book burners. The individuals and groups of deplatformers are not advancing science. Rather, they’ve become members of an evidence-free cult that uses the word “science” to advance their demands.