Biden's national lockdown plan would go into effect when the virus is long gone

A national shutdown would serve no productive purpose.

A second lockdown of the United States, put into place in January of 2021, would in all likelihood occur when the U.S. epidemic is long past its expiration date.

When it comes to COVID-19, Joe Biden wants to double down on the failed policies of lockdown and mask mandates, whose advocates cannot point to a single place in the world where these policy initiatives have worked to fight the novel coronavirus. Despite this reality, thanks to the corporate press, pharmaceutical giants’ snake oil salesmen, a corrupt “public health expert” class, and tyrannical politicians, many citizens remain under the impression that lockdowns and mask mandates help against the virus. And the Biden campaign appears to be weaponizing this reality.

In an interview with ABC Friday, Biden told anchor David Muir: “I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists.”

“I will be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving, until we control the virus,” he added. “That is the fundamental flaw of this administration's thinking to begin with. In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus.”

The shutdown pledge comes on the heels of Biden’s speech at the Democratic convention last night, during which he called for a universal mask mandate.

If you’re a regular reader of The Mass Illusion, you know by now that there is no “controlling” or “fixing” the virus through non pharmaceutical interventions. Biden’s “fundamental flaw” is that he appears to be under the spell of the Illusion of Control, and he’s receiving advice from a global “public health expert” class that are salivating at the opportunity to once again lock down the nation and double down on their failed ideas.

I can go on for days about the destructive nature of lockdowns, which, by the way, do nothing to help a nation deal with a pandemic. There isn’t even a minute benefit to lockdowns related to the virus. Lockdowns *only* add negative implications to the situation. We already have the global data on lockdowns of all levels and circumstances, and It’s very clear that they fail to prevent infections or “stop the spread.” In some places, they temporarily delayed infections. In other areas, such as New York City, the lockdown measures put in place may have actually accelerated the epidemic. The 5 worst countries in terms of deaths per million (Belgium, Peru, Spain, the UK, and Italy) all put their citizens through brutal lockdowns. The lockdowns did nothing to curb the virus. In Europe, only after achieving the herd immunity threshold did infections begin to level off. 

Remember, lockdown policies were first purposed with ensuring that healthcare systems had the capacity to deal with a sudden surge in coronavirus infections. And this was because many were under the impression that the virus was much more lethal than it actually is. It turns out that infection fatality rate for the novel coronavirus is only about 0.2%. Lockdowns were never intended as a long term solution. Even the doomsday salesman who sold lockdowns as a response acknowledged that they would be a temporary solution to lighten the burden, while we proceeded on a path to herd immunity.

Sadly, it is at this point virtually guaranteed that more people will have died in the United States as a result of lockdowns than Americans who will have died from COVID-19. The “cure” is infinitely worse than the disease.

What makes Biden’s call to shut down the nation particularly mindless is the fact that our epidemic in the United States is largely over. It’s akin to bringing in a pinch hitter when your team is up 12-0 in the top of the ninth with two outs, and claiming that it’s absolutely necessary to win the baseball game.

Most of the U.S. northeast, and especially  the New York Metropolitan area, barely registers any new cases anymore. That’s because they’re seeing the benefits of herd immunity, similar to every other area on earth’s Northern Hemisphere in the same latitude that has been infiltrated by the virus. Everything has happened on the same timeline, regardless of interventions, bolstering the reality that we have little to no control over the spread of the virus. In areas of the U.S. south, such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona, things have dramatically taken a turn for the better in recent weeks. It appears the virus is on its way out. A national shutdown would serve no purpose other than to shut off the American economic engine, perhaps for good this time.

Prior to his comments, I had made the mistake of projecting that a Biden White House would at least mean a sudden, miraculous end to our COVID-19 pandemic. I assumed that his team was well aware that we need not extend the draconian madness for a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate, a virus that is very infectious and steamrolls over attempted mitigation measures. Biden’s comments to ABC refute my assumption. I was wrong. Biden wants to shut down the United States, force the American people to wear masks, and send the country on a nosedive to economic ruin. His lockdown and universal masking policy demands represent an immediate threat to all of our livelihoods.

Another brutal lockdown, when the virus is long gone, and just as we are economically getting back on our feet, would set our country on a course to permanent ruin.

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