At the G7, global elite clown show pivots from COVID Crisis to Climate Crisis

What's left of the Western world died during the COVID-19 era.

The global elites responsible for ruining many of your lives and livelihoods got together this weekend in England to make more plans for the continuing destruction of Western civilization. At the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, the politicians responsible for the needless destruction of hundreds of millions of lives made it their mission to continue advocating for policies that will result in mass human suffering.

It was a giant cringe fest rife with power drunk, unimpressive, uninspiring politicians embracing one radical agenda item after the next, and it thoroughly confirmed the thesis that what’s left of the Western world died of COVID-19. The festivities in Cornwall involved a rapidly declining Joe Biden joining a chorus of Western European progressive globalists in pledging to surrender what’s left of their dignity, humanity, security, and sovereignty to ultra-left causes. 

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a “conservative” politician best known these days for his unrelenting COVID hysterics and neverending draconian restrictions (the U.K. just extended their lockdowns well into July) pledged to embrace every aspect of the radical left’s agenda, demanding their accomodation on every major issue. 

French President Emmanuel Macron was delighted to see Biden in his barely functioning state, and made it a point to celebrate how he plans on robbing the U.S. taxpayer blind and advancing a far-left climate agenda.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in high spirits, fresh from inking a Biden Administration-approved Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Russia that undermines U.S. interests. The days of taking America for a ride are back in play, on both an economic and defense front, and Merkel couldn’t help but to express her excitement. She’s now off the hook on Germany providing for its own defense, and she’s now free to cozy up to America’s adversaries. 

You couldn’t help but feel bad for Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who probably observed that none of his counterparts even thought about seriously taking on the threat posed by China to global order. Sure, G7 leaders made a bunch of empty “tough talk” statements about pushing back against Beijing, but they did not even pretend to be interested in following through on that rhetoric. Their plan to “counter China” involves forcing themselves and their partners to adopt unreliable energy and let China completely off the hook. Most of the leaders at the summit have a long tack record of accommodating Beijing and engaging in further cooperation with the regime, so the preemptive surrender shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. 

One leader after another pledged $100 billion a year to force developing countries to remain impoverished and rely on unreliable “clean energy” to solve the “climate crisis,” which they declared the greatest issue of our time. Of course, their solutions all involved increasing the power of the state over its citizens and embracing creepy one-world U.N. affiliated organizations.

As for the “climate crisis,” none of these jet setting, carbon producing world leaders bothered pointing to a single metric or piece of hard evidence that demonstrates an actual crisis is at hand. And of course, their proposed solutions for this “crisis” involves the global implementation of far-left policies and further encroaching on basic human freedoms.

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